Patricia O’Connor is a licensed Florida real estate broker, instructor, and owner of The Veritas Real Estate Group, Inc., which she founded in 2004 in Fort Lauderdale. Her real estate transactions include both residential and commercial properties in South Florida, and she was a licensed Florida mortgage broker for seven years.

Prior to relocating to Florida in 2002, Patricia was employed as a Vice President of Technology at a number of financial firms in New York City including Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and PaineWebber. She has been teaching adults and developing course material since 1985. She was an Adjunct Professor at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, N.J. and an Instructor at Columbia University in New York City. Pat enjoys writing about real estate and financial topics and has extensive experience as a freelance writer. Her business books include: The SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator National Exam Study Guide: Second Edition, Getting Started in Commercial Real Estate Ten Step Program to Success! (co-authored with Adam Von Romer, CCIM), How Do I Buy a House? and 100 Practical Tips for Buying and Selling Real Estate.

In 2005, Patricia worked her first Sudoku puzzle and has been hooked ever since. She wrote and published her first Sudoku puzzle book, Improving Your Sudoku Skills: One Step at a Time (Volume 1) in 2018. This book takes a unique approach to solving the puzzles; there are no fancy names for moves or mathematical discussions. Instead, the puzzles were carefully selected to be challenging, but solvable, without guessing or writing in candidate placeholders. By using this method, the reader’s brain is trained to look more fully at the puzzle grid to see more possibilities. Once she stopped writing in possible candidates and threw away her eraser, Patricia could step off her plateau and start improving her abilities while lessening her frustration. If it worked for her, it just might work for you!

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